Photoshop is a widely known application to alter photographs, customize wallpapers and many things more, so an introduction is not really needed. By clicking the above image you can check out all the creations i’ve made in the past years. There should be some tutorials on the Tuts page, so check it out if you want to make it yourself.

Exploding glass balls

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a powerfull 3D modelling program in which you can make everything you can think of. With it, I create custom designs to print with my 3D printers or just model something abstract. Here you can check it all out. Also, there are some tutorials in the making, so check the Tuts page frequently.


Motion Design

Motion Design challenges me to combine my work from Photoshop, 3D modelling and audio into one. It can be something as simple as making an logo interesting, or as complex as a fully assembled machine in motion. Making an appealing motion can sometimes be difficult, but it’s worth the challenge


3D Printing

Since I own 2 3D printers i’ve printed alot of designs. It failed multiple times but when it finishes a custom design it really gives me inspiration to work for the next ” thing”. Because that’s what I create; things you can use, or not..

Music Production

Audio Production

For around 9 years i’ve been producing music and sound effects. It started with trying out on a few old turntables and grew to a hobby where I wanted the best hardware to get the best quality possible. The music varies between fast paced Drum and Bass to experimental rock. Experimental because I can’t play guitar but still like to mess around with it. The last few years is more about setting a certain tone or mood, like music for films and shorts, or simply jingles for the Motion Design I make.



Another thing I like is working with my hands. Behind a computer you can’t get your hands dirty, and this way you can. Restoring a car, rebuild an engine, max out the performance of a car are a few points i’ve managed to complete succesfully. Starting with a rusty mid-engined Toyota MR2, working my way up to the loudness of a Subaru Impreza WRX and now cruising with a BMW 5-series; i’ve had my share of different kinds of cars. Buying and selling are the things that can get me most nervous, but finishing a good deal always makes me happy.